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The Green River

Bojana River Delta

Area in hectares: 7,500
Altitude: 0-10 m
Coordinates: 41°57’9.12″N, 19°19’28.83″E
IBA criteria: A1, A3, A4i, A4iii, B1i, B2, B3


Bojana River Delta is located in the outermost southeast part of the country. It is separated from the Skadar Lake by the Mountain Rumija and stretches to the city of Ulcinj on the west and to the mouth of the Bojana River into the Adriatic Sea on the east. It covers important areas for birds such as Ulcinj Salina, Šasko Lake, Ada Bojana, Velika plaža with Brijeg od mora village, Knete (swamps) near the Bojana River, Paratuk Island, Ulcinj Field and Zoganjsko Field. Open sea, sweet water, sandy beaches with dunes, the salt pan, the Bojana River, canals, flooded forests, reed beds, tamarack, farmland, pastures and areas under tangerines and olives are just part of areas that birds use for their food, breeding and resting. Delta is closely connected with the Skadar Lake and part of delta that belongs to Albania (protected as the Ramsar site and a natural resource), and, in terms of protecting the area and the inseparability of habitats, it must be integrally considered. More than 240 species of birds have been registered in delta so far. In the following chapters, most important areas for birds in the Montenegrin part of the Delta have been examined.

Knete, Ulcinj Field and Zoganjsko Field are an inseparable part of the complex habitat of the Bojana River. Both habitats are important for food and stay of birds and breeding of songbirds. Different composition of the vegetation of these habitats attracts different species of birds. The importance of their preservation is not smaller than the habitats that are particularly described below in relation to the others in delta.


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