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Bulwark on the Adriatic

Mountain Rumija

Area in hectares: 2,300
Altitude: 500-1,595 m
Conservation status: Unprotected at national and local level
Coordinates: 42°3’40.43″N, 19°14’53.15″E


Mountain Rumija is located between the two most significant wetlands in Montenegro, IBA Skadar Lake and IBA Bojana River Delta, in the direction east – west. Northern slopes over 500 m altitude are usually uninhibited, with Ostros as a local community. South slopes are also sparsely populated.


Since it is “sandwiched” between two most important habitats of wetland birds in Montenegro, Mountain Rumija is a corridor of their migration, and habitat for many species that determine IBA Montenegro. These are probably the most significant population of western rock nuthatch, Sitta neumayer; wheatear, Oenanthe hispanica; hoopoe, Upupa epops; scops owl, Otus scops; several types of hawks, Short-toed Snake Eagle, Circaetus gallicus; cammon rock thrush, Monticola saxatilis; and population of rock patridge, Alectoris graeca.


Beside rocky, open and steep pastures, there is an area of maquis, forests of chestnuts and beech on the Mountain Rumija within borders of IBA. Rocky pastures are covered with meadows of sage, Salvia officinalis, subjected to intense accumulation in summer months. Animal husbandry has significant impact in degradation of maquis, primarily cultivation of goats.


Given the rocky pastures, aridity and humidity of air, Rumija is quite inhospitable and therefore preserved. Large areas under medicinal herbs attract collectors, but they do not have much influence. The main danger for this IBA is a possible attempt to set up wind farms on its slopes, which would have the most drastic effect for the birds.


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